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Consider This..County Judge will be judged

I can't help but scratch my head about the recent, now famous, comments made by County Judge Tom Head. He said he was concerned if President Obama was re-elected, there could be a revolt of the people that would thrust the country into civil war.

He was apparently trying to justify the need to raise taxes in order to hire more law enforcement in Lubbock County. All to defend us against possible Armageddon.

And if you read the entire statement, you'd know that I am not exaggerating.

Consider this:

I am a staunch defender of the right to free speech. I am also a big advocate for Second Amendment gun rights. But I also believe elected officials should be held accountable for their words.

In this case, Judge Head crossed the line. Fortunately, his comments were too absurd to cause any real panic, but any criticism he is getting is well deserved.

Whether you have the same extreme views or not, Head is an elected official. He has brought Lubbock bad national attention and painted us all as the kind of extremists he is speaking about.

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