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West Nile fever grips Lubbock


A day after the first case of West Nile was found in Lubbock County, residents are taking precautions and rushing to doctors to report symptoms.

Rebekah Diaz is a Lubbock resident and she is most concerned for the safety of her children.

"These two are always outside playing and we've just got trees all over the place in the yard so I am concerned. I've started putting repellent on them since the story came out."

The diagnosis yesterday served as a wake up call and convinced Diaz to adopt serious mosquito prevention.

"I really won't let them outside 'til maybe just an hour after dark and not too much longer than that. Then they come in and spray again and we repeat the spraying on them."

Doctors we talked to at UMC and Covenant said they have seen more people coming in with West Nile like symptoms, but with so many similar diseases going around, actual cases have been very low.

"The problem is that those are very non-specific symptoms and many things can cause the same set of symptoms, so knowing that we're at risk and that there has been a high outbreak then yes, we are extremely cautious," said Dr. Joe Sasin the Medical Director for UMC Emergency Care.

"That group of viruses causes a lot of the same symtomology, so sometimes it's difficult for us to pin down which virus is causing the problem because they tend to cause the same kind of problems," Sasin said.

United Supermarkets are preparing for a rush on repellent. They have set up new displays and ordered extra stocks in preparation for the holiday weekend, but up to this point sales haven't been out of the ordinary.

Everyone we talked to agreed that the best way to prevent West Nile is to obey the three D's.

Drain any standing water that may be around your home, this is the perfect place for mosquitoes to breed. Avoid going out during Dusk and Dawn, that's when mosquitoes are the most active, and use DEET, or OFF! to avoid being bitten.

For more information on the symptoms of West Nile Virus and how to prevent it, click here.

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