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A legal supplement suspends ten high school athletes

Athletes often turn to supplements to push themselves to be the best.  That can lead to problems, even when those supplements are legal.  Ten high school players learned that lesson the hard way.

Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association Deputy Director Wade LaBecki suspended all those players for three games after taking a product called cellucor.  That simply promised to make big muscles faster.  But what the players didn't know is the product contains synephrine, which is a substance that is banned by the NCAA and the NFL.

Dr. Greg Plotnikoff said, "We're worried about the competitive edge that somebody might gain by using some of these supplements and some of these products, but it's also we're worried about the growing, developing adolescent body, and the long term effects that this stuff might have."

Wade LaBecki said, "This product has been associated with many problems where there is no blood flow, like stroke, like heart attack, like ischemic gut, things that no one wants."

Dr. Plotnikoff says there is not even any evidence that proves products like cellucor even work. Labecki says what happened in Menominee, Wisconsin, happens too often with young athletes.  They're going public hoping students everywhere will learn from this.

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