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Debbie Harvey Pays It Forward: 08/27/12


This week, we have another terrific installment of Pay It Forward.  Our story starts out along South Indiana Avenue south of Loop 289.  We set up with our Pay It Forward sign during a busy lunch hour seeking this week's playmaker.

Debbie Harvey is the first person to arrive after seeing our sign.  Debbie has chosen a former co-worker that she wants to help out.  Debbie has picked Peggy Ariaz as this week's Pay It Forward recipient.  Debbie and Peggy worked together at Texas Tech for nearly ten years.  Peggy has gone through some rough times and recently lost her daughter.  Debbie thinks Peggy could use $300.

After visiting with Debbie and learning more about Peggy, we hit the streets headed for Peggy's house.  On the way there, Debbie shares that Peggy sews for Monterey Church of Christ and their "Threads of Love" program.  She sews baby clothes to help families who could use clothing. 

When we arrive at Peggy's house, Peggy is in the process of sewing for those less fortunate.  Debbie counts out $300 and Peggy is surprised.  Peggy tells us that Debbie has been a great friend for many years and thanked everyone for helping her out.

Peggy intends to use the money to help remodel her house and pay bills that need to be taken care of.  Peggy expressed gratitude towards Debbie and everyone who makes Pay It Forward possible.

Be looking for our Pay It Forward sign soon!  You could become our next playmaker!

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