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Consider this...Tax increase should be public vote

This week, County Commissioners held a public hearing on the proposed tax increase. You'll recall this comes after our County Judge came under fire locally and nationally for some outlandish comments.

I won't re-hash the comments and perpetuate the negative publicity for Lubbock. But I will remind you that this whole thing stemmed from a need to justify a tax increase. So let's get our eye back on the ball.

Commissioners say they need roughly $1.3 million more to operate the county next year. They say they need this increase for more vehicles, more deputies, increases in pay for jailers, and raises in the DA's office.

Now I'm not saying the county doesn't need all these things. But they already have increased sales tax revenue, and they will also have a jump in appraised values of homes. Plus they'll have property taxes on new construction.  So there's a 6% increase in property tax revenue, but they still want to raise tax rates on top of all of that. 

Consider this:

I don't think elected officials should be allowed to raise my taxes without asking for permission. Taxes should be set at the effective rate every year. The effective rate is the rate that would generate the same amount as last year. Anything above that rate should be put to a public vote.  

They shouldn't be able to help themselves whenever they believe it is justified. 

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