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Customer complaints earn Lubbock contractor F rating from BBB

More locals in the South Plains are coming forward with claims of getting ripped off by concrete contract workers.

According to the Better Business Bureau, Lubbock-based "Joe Gonzales & Son's Construction" has changed its name several times and has had at least 5 different addresses since 2008.

The business currently has an F rating from the BBB after at least 9 people have come forward to share their experiences. According to the BBB, there have been $8,437 in disputed claims against Gonzalez for poor work, such as cracked concrete. $2,615 of that has been disputed as little or no work.

However, after NewsChannel 11 confronted Gonzales about the complaints, he said he is willing to do whatever it takes to make things right.

Dick Loveless says he was a victim of the same scam, but from a different company.

"We like doing business with small businesses and try to help them out," said Loveless.

Loveless hired a contractor to build a garage for his tractors. He and his wife did business with Rick Majaca's father a few years ago, so he didn't think twice about a down payment. He paid Majaca $1,587 dollars. After more than 25 calls were not returned, Loveless never heard from Majaca again.

But Loveless is not the only one not getting what they paid for.

"Most of the complaints we get in allege no work or poor work or just partial work," said Better Business Bureau of the South Plains President and CEO Greg Linder.

"Joe Gonzales & Son's Construction," also known as "A Affordable" and "J&S Construction," has had at least 5 different addresses since 2008, which have all been linked to the same scam.

"If you notice a company is using a lot of different addresses, that's a red flag," said Linder.

Sundown resident Ms. Davis flipped through the phone book this summer to seek out a local concrete company to help complete some home remodeling.

She came across a company called "A Affordable Concrete."

"Generally money is asked for up front as a deposit ,and most of what we're seeing is once people pay the deposit sometimes he'll set up the forms like he's about to pour the concrete but then never shows back up," said Linder.

That's exactly what Davis said happened to her.

After Gonzalez collected $1,800 between Davis and her cousin for a separate job, the two never saw him again.

During the past 3 weeks, Gonzalez and Davis exchanged some 36 phone calls and at least 15 text messages. He never came back to her home to pour concrete. She had to hire another contractor to complete the job.

KCBD NewsChannel 11 reached out to Gonzalez and he said the allegations are simply not true. Although he admits to having an "F" rating with the BB, he said he is far from a "scam artist." He said his truck broke down while he was on the way to the Davis residence. He said he even left his tools there because he had planned to return to finish the job.

Loveless hired "Ironwood Builders" to complete his garage. Ironwood Builders Owner Bowie Howard said it is routine in the industry to pay for half of the job up front, but some companies like his are willing to do the job the same day. He advises customers to do some checking before signing that check.

"Most of our jobs we collect after we complete the job - especially concrete," said Howard.

A few years back, Gonzalez called the BBB and inquired about various complaints made against his company to clean up his report.

"There's nothing to indicate he actually followed through with any of that. He never came up here to try to address any of the complaint issues," said Linder.

The BBB is able to track changes like various addresses due to complaints made by consumers like Davis. If you feel you have been scammed, the BBB encourages you to file a complaint.

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