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Lubbock doctor proud to be Texas delegate at RNC

Dr. Donald May Dr. Donald May

Decked out in Lone Star pride, Dr. Donald May is ready for the 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida.

"If Texans are anywhere in the world, Texans enjoy it," May said.

The Lubbock resident was chosen to be a delegate for the state of Texas, and he's looking for something in particular from this year's conservative gathering

"We're looking for enthusiasm.We're looking for people laying out their game plan and basically reiterating the game plan, How we're going to get this country back on track," May said.

He believes the man to do that is Governor Mitt Romney. "The Romney's are going to go up there and work. You're not going to find him up there playing golf more than a hundred times every four years. You're not going to find them taking vacations every couple weeks," May said.

May says West Texas is leading the way on issues like the economy and energy and he hopes other states can follow suit.

"We in West Texas, we're going to lead the way again. Just like we're leading the way at the convention. Texas leads the nation. We lead the nation in jobs. We lead the nation in ingenuity," May said.

PolitIcal events and protestors go hand in hand, but unlike most convention goers, May welcomes the partisan opposition.

"Peaceful protest, peaceful commentary from both sides is welcome. We need to have that," May said.

And that's just one of the many things May believes makes this country so great.

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