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Protests at Republican National Convention


Political gatherings are a sure fire way to bring about protestor pandemonium. The Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida is no exception to that rule.

"We wanted to give a positive message from the other point of view and show our support for President Obama," Nancy Hughes said.

Some activists like Hughes and her friend Susanne Gaines are trying to take the peaceful route in Tampa in hopes to spread their message.

"People like us that are older and retired and we aren't threatening and we have a positive message," Hughes said.

These women agree that the RNC host city has let them do their thing.

"It's the great thing about Tampa, Florida, it's been so organized, they have their heads on straight," Gaines said.

However, not everyone has taken this peaceful approach. Ruben Israel traveled from Los Angeles with the group Bible Believers to protest the parties nominee.

"I came here to challenge my party, who's the republicans and their president is a Mormon, so if he's the best we have I think we have to change," Israel said.

Israel's tactics tend to be more in your face. The group staked out corners in the downtown area all week as some watched in disbelief and others joined in.

"If you're offended you can always walk away, free speech doesn't mean we have to agree on everything," Israel said.

Regardless of a political agenda, most in Tampa can admit that the ability to make a stand in public is what makes this country so great.

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