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Tech Terrace Junk Collector at it Again

He is a junk scavenger by nature. "I found a few bikes in the alley on my way to the grocery store." Karl Bagwell, the Tech Terrace Junk collector, is becoming a chronic city codes violator. "This backyard was spotless, what happened?" asked NewsChannel 11. "I guess I found some stuff I thought was valuable," answered Bagwell.

Bagwell has managed to fill his backyard once again. "I found three monitors, a MAC computer tower, found a DVD, VCR," said Bagwell.

Two years ago, the city codes department ordered Bagwell to clean his yard, and fix his substandard home. In March of last year, we stopped by Bagwell's home. He had made tremendous progress. Even his yard was clean, but one year later things had changed.

"Early this spring, we had received a complaint for tall weeds and rubbish," said Stuart Walker, Lead City Code Enforcement Officer.

"What about the neighbors though?" asked NewsChannel 11. "Nobody has said anything to me. They may have complained to the city," said Bagwell.

Since this spring, the city has been working with Bagwell. However, "I had a hurt knee for about a month, so I've been sluggish at doing this stuff," says Bagwell.

"We're going to meet with him on Friday to help him go through some of his stuff and basically take off some of the stuff he does not want," said Walker. The stuff he does want, he's putting in the house. Bagwell says some of this stuff is valuable, at least to him.

The city will charge Bagwell at least $125 for hauling off his junk to the landfill. This is Bagwell's second city codes violation for junk in the yard.

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