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Officer Gives His Account of What Happened During Sexual Misconduct Incident

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A former Lubbock Police Officer is free on bond on Tuesday after accusations of sexual misconduct led to his arrest last night. NewsChannel 11 first told you about the accusations against Officer Blake Littlejohn last week, but now we have reports on his account of what happened during that "not so" routine traffic stop.

According to police reports, when Officer Littlejohn was first approached about the situation he denied it completely. But then when officers said the victim could have DNA evidence, Officer Littlejohn put his head down and changed his story.

"We were presented yesterday with a compliant on Officer Littlejohn and determined there was probable cause to present a charge yesterday. And that's what we did. We filed a state jail felony charge of he long title is violation of civil rights of a person in custody, so that's basically what we filed on him yesterday," says Assistant District Attorney Matt Powell.

According to Powell, that means, Littlejohn if convicted, could face up to two years in jail, a $10,000 fine and probation up to five years.

"We've always told folks that we're not going to treat anybody differently because they are a police officer and we're not going to punish anybody different because they are a police officer. We're going to treat this case just like we would any 'Joe Blow' on the street. We'll make a determination based on the facts and what we think is appropriate justice," Powell said.

As for the facts, according to police records Littlejohn said he'd pulled the van over for speeding, but the 20-year-old female driver didn't have a license and had multiple outstanding traffic warrants. Littlejohn went on to say that he felt sorry for the female driver once she explained that she was in a tough financial situation due to a ongoing custody battle, so he decided to let her off the hook. He says she was grateful and asked if she could do anything for him to show her gratitude. Littlejohn went on and stated to police that her offer was too good to refuse. Littlejohn says was happened was a mistake and he felt bad for his actions, and reiterated throughout his statement that she, the driver initiated it all.

Littlejohn was also questioned about his in car audio cutting out, he first said that the battery was low, but later told police that he turned it off, not to cover any sexual misconduct rather to take off record that he was going to let the driver go. No court date has been set yet, and the details of this incident are still under investigation.

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