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Missing Lubbock Teen Search Stretches West

Nan Daugherty and Sarah Krayer lived in Lubbock years ago. Sarah was Joanna's childhood best friend for four years. When they found out Joanna was missing it was unreal to them.

Nan and Sarah wanted to do something to help even though they now live1,000 miles away in San Diego. "I couldn't just sit there and not do anything. It was driving me crazy," says Nan.

That's when the pair decided the best thing to do was to create a website dedicated to Joanna's safe return. The address is bringjohome.info . "As information becomes available we put who to contact, the sheriff, the National Center for Missing Children," said Nan.

Joanna Rogers Website
Get the latest news and information on the search for Joanna Kathryn Rogers.

On the page, you can see many different photos of Joanna and the numbers of who to call in case someone knows anything. The webpage has been hit 10,000 times since it went on the Internet four weeks ago.

But from San Diego, Nan and Sarah have worked hard to spread the word about Joanna's disappearance outside of the Internet. They have had news coverage from a local San Diego TV station and they have not stopped there. "We've sent information to several truck stops, national chains," said Nan.

Nan and Sarah are in Lubbock visiting the Rogers family. Not just to catch up as old friends, but to show Kathy and Jo Bill Rogers they are with them every step of the way until Joanna comes home. "She's really picked up the ball and I can't tell you how much I appreciate it," said Kathy Rogers.

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