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Heart Health in Young Diabetics

Heart disease and strokes kill thousands of adult diabetics each year, but this is a new concern. Diabetes may also take its toll on young hearts as well.

A new University of Florida study shows that blood vessels in kids with Type 1 Diabetes appear to have much less flexibility than those in kids who do not have Diabetes. In some cases, their blood vessels were twice as rigid as those without the disease, leading researchers to suggest that doctors monitor the heart health of young patients with Diabetes early in their lives.

"The damage being done to their vessels at 10, 15, 20 is real, and if you can do something about making that risk lower at that age, you should," says Dr. Michael Haller, UF Diabetes researcher.

The study was the first to use a testing method called radial tenometry on children. It is usually reserved for scanning adults for heart disease.

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