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Libraries might close, relocate, expand or renovate


Should Lubbock have fewer libraries?  Maybe more libraries?  And to what extent should Lubbock libraries focus on electronic media rather than books? 

The City of Lubbock is looking for "a consultant to develop a citywide library facilities master plan."  That master plan will look both 10 and 20 years into the future for library locations, size, and "service priorities." 

The city expects the plan to also look at societal changes and technology. 

And the consultant will be asked to take a hard look at the cost of leasing space for libraries including Godeke Library at roughly $25,000 per month.

Public records say, "Each existing facility should be examined to determine whether or not it could or should be expanded and/or renovated, how much square footage could/should be added and the cost of improvements."

If new libraries are suggested then the consultant should identify specific potential locations.

And the 10 to 20 year vision has to be something average folks can read and understand.  It must have "charts and/or drawings … conceptual site and floor plans, vignette sketches, color perspectives and comparative graphs and charts."

It also has to include cost estimates.  "A realistic year-by-year action plan should be developed for all projects…"

There's no deadline yet for getting the plan done.  The city will choose a consultant sometime after September 20. 

Current library locations are Mahon Library, 1306 9th Street; Godeke Branch, 6707 Slide Road; Patterson Branch Library, 1836 Parkway Drive; and Groves Branch Library, 5520 19th Street.

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