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Science Spectrum OMNI Theater to close for renovations

From Science Spectrum OMNI Theater:

Since opening in 1993 the OMNI Theater, the Science Spectrum's Giant Screen theater, continues a tradition of the most technologically advanced projection and sound systems in the world, bringing stunning large format science and history documentaries films to Lubbock.  

In 2004, the OMNI updated its large format 15/70mm rolling loop film projection system, and its 18,000 watt Dolby Digital DTS sound system.

So what is scheduled to be remodeled now?

All 186 original seats in the OMNI Theater are being replaced with new, slightly larger, more modern and ergonomically friendly seating.  The original seats in the OMNI Theater varied in seat width size from 19 to 21 inches.  This difference in seating size was to accommodate for the curved rows in the unique domed theater.  New seating to be installed will vary from 21 to 22 inches in seating width.  The new seat sizes will mean that the overall seat count at the OMNI will drop from 186 to 173 seats.  Don't worry, the most important part of the theater seat will be new and improved as well, the cup-holders

Interior theater carpeting will also be replaced.  Many standard movie theaters continue to install bare concrete or tile floors for easier clean-up under the seats. With its un-matched 18,000 watt Dolby DTS Digital sound system, the OMNI Theater will retain carpeting around and under all seating for a more enjoyable acoustic and general theater experience.

Finally, the Giant Screen 58ft., 160 degree panoramic view domed screen at the OMNI Theater is scheduled for a much needed cleaning.  As with all surfaces in dry West Texas, dust is a continual issue.  The perforated aluminum screen of the OMNI Theater will get the "royal treatment", as special crews from the Windy City of Chicago will be flown in for this elaborate "dusting".  Scaffolding will be erected throughout the interior of the theater and a multi-step cleaning process will leave the screen at the OMNI Theater with a "like-new" viewing experience!

The OMNI Theater at the Science Spectrum is scheduled to re-open to the public on Monday, Sept. 24, 2012.  With its re-opening, the theater will resume its current showing of three documentary films, RESCUE; Disaster Response, The Last Reef and Flying Monsters.  

Several new exciting releases for Fall 2012 through 2013 are being considered, and will be announced soon.

For additional information or showtimes for the OMNI Theater visit, or the public may call 806-745-6299.

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