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Mosquitos with West Nile rare in Lubbock, official says


Despite rain on August 24, mosquito counts are not up in Lubbock.  Glenn Heinrich with City of Lubbock Vector Control said, "They're down a little bit.  We don't know why." 

"We're not seeing a big change.  If we do have problems it's in isolated areas," Heinrich said. 

He also said, "Out of the 21 species [common to Lubbock] only 3 are actual carriers for West Nile."  The city traps, counts and tests mosquitos.  The testing is done by Texas Tech University's TIEHH or The Institute of Environmental and Human Health.

"We've had some come back positive.  We find a few," Heinrich said.  "I think last we tested 90 samples.  Maybe only 1 or 2 of them are vectors."  Vector is a fancy way of saying the mosquito carries a disease.

As of Tuesday evening the Texas Department of State Health Services says Lubbock County has four confirmed cases of West Nile Virus.  Three come from inside the City of Lubbock.  The fourth comes from outside the City of Lubbock but still somewhere within Lubbock County. 

Residents can report mosquito problems in Lubbock by calling 806 775-3110.

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