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Texas Tech AD Hocutt addresses Gillispie issues

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Texas Tech athletics director Kirby Hocutt addressed the media Wednesday regarding the allegations of mistreatment of student athletes by Texas Tech head basketball coach Billy Gillispie. 

Hocutt revealed that he was scheduled to meet with Gillispie regarding these issues last Friday at 8 a.m., but Gillispie was admitted to the hospital prior to the meeting and has not yet met with him. 

Hocutt said the university will continue to gather facts and move forward as fast as possible. Hocutt did not take questions and did not make a statement about Gillispie's job status. 

Below is the text of an unofficial transcript of Hocutt's comments to the media.

We are in an unusual and an unfortunate position. But I want to be certain and clear that I could not be more proud to represent and serve a group of young men and a men's basketball team that I have the privilege or representing each and every day.  This is an extremely talented group of young men, an extremely tough group of young men that are doing all the right things. They are representing Texas Tech in a first class manner on the court and off the court.  This is a group of men who had a 3.3 team grade point average at the end of the fall semester. And again, I could not be more proud of the young men that we're representing and serving each and every day. 

That being said, I am very concerned about the information that has come forward in the past couple of weeks.  We're dealing with two components.  We're dealing with an NCAA rules component, and we're dealing with a personnel component. Related to the NCAA rules component, we are aware of alleged secondary rules violations and in accordance with Texas Tech policy we are looking into and investigating those secondary allegations.  If these allegations are found to be true then we will submit those to both the Big 12 Conference as well as the NCAA. 

There are certain secondary violations that were investigated and were submitted to the NCAA in January related to the number of countable practice hours.  Those inquiries were investigated at that time - they were submitted and those sanctions have been served already by our program. 

Related to the personnel matter, Coach Gillispie and I were scheduled to meet last Friday morning at 8:00 O'clock.  As you know, he was admitted to the hospital prior to that time.  And obviously we have not had a chance to get together to discuss the issues that are on the table. 

We remain concerned about Coach Gillispie's health.  We want him to make a full recovery, and move forward with that. What I can assure you of is that we will continue to gather facts.  And we will continue to move forward the NCAA rules component as well as the personnel component as expeditiously as possible.  And I want to assure everyone that as we go through this unusual and unfortunate position that our decision making will be guided by mission statement which is to educate, serve, and grow fearless champions - and by the guiding principles that we have adopted as an athletics program. 

I know there's probably a lot of questions and things you would like for me expand on.  But at this time those are the comments that I can offer to you this evening. 

This statement by Hocutt came less than 24 hours after a whirlwind of allegations of player mistreatment and NCAA violations were made in a national story by Jeff Goodman, a CBS Sports writer.


In the report Goodman says he's talked with more than two dozen people who either played basketball under Gillispie or worked with him at some point. He claims those sources and others close to the team say Gillispie has mistreated players since he coached in Kentucky before coming to Texas Tech in March of 2011.


According to sources in Goodman's report, Gillispie forced an injured Texas Tech basketball player to run up and down stairs with stress fractures in both legs. The report goes on to say a doctor showed Gillispie x-rays and told him the injuries were bad, but Gillispie continued to make the player practice. That same source says the player ended up having to sit out part of the season because of multiple stress fractures.

"He's done this before. Guys are scared now to say they're hurt because they know he's going to go at them hard. So a lot of guys will stay in the training room all day, or get out there and don't say a word," Goodman said during a radio interview with the Sports Shack on 1340 TheFan.com. "It is stuff you just don't do as a coach."



Goodman also claims that players told him Gillispie would make them practice well over 20 hours a week which is a violation of NCAA regulations.


Among the allegations, sources also told Goodman that Gillispie "kept players in scholarship limbo" and wouldn't tell certain players if he was renewing their scholarships.


The report goes on to say that Gillispie also had a habit of promising jobs to coaches but not following through and leaving many without jobs. "It's just how he treats players and how he treats coaches… leading them on to think they have a job," Goodman said during the radio interview. "He's messing with people's lives, their careers."


Wednesday night KCBD tried to contact Gillispie in the hospital to see if he would comment on the allegations. So far Gillispie has not responded.



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