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2012 Red Cross Law Enforcement Champion Sgt. Henry Feldman

Sgt. Henry Feldman Sgt. Henry Feldman

A 911 call in the evening of July 28th brought Lubbock Police Sgt. Henry Feldman to the overpass at Marsha Sharp Freeway and West Loop 289. Dispatchers said there were reports of a woman in distress there, threatening to jump.

"I got out of my car, started talking to her, called her over and she got away from the edge and came over to me. As I spoke to her and got close to her, I stood between her and the edge of the overpass so she couldn't run and jump off," Feldman said.

As the veteran police officer spoke with the woman, who could see the situation was escalating.

"While I was talking to her, she said she wanted to kill herself and that she was hearing voices in her head telling her to jump. As soon as she said that, she made a break for the edge of the overpass," Feldman said.

Sgt. Feldman's quick thinking kept her from going over the side. He grabbed her as she ran and held onto her as tightly as he could. For her safety, he then placed the woman in handcuffs and kept her secure until EMS arrived.

"After she was secure I went and looked over the edge and then I realized this could have gotten really bad," Feldman said.

At the time of the incident, Sgt. Feldman says he didn't have the luxury of thinking before acting. He simply went into action.

"I thought when I pulled up she could have jumped. Sure, I thought about all that afterward, but at the time, it was hurry up and get there and save this lady," Feldman said.

Despite his heroic actions, he doesn't want to be called a hero. He says he did what any person would have done.

"I think the average person in a situation like that would stop to help somebody," Feldman said. "I just did what any officer would do. I just happened to be the first officer there."

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