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Lotto Fever Hits the Hub City

With a larger than ever jackpot of $120 million, Texans are flocking to buy that winning ticket. Late Wednesday afternoon, lotto officials say more than 20,000 tickets were selling every minute. When the lottery jackpot is just a few million dollars, hot spots like Town and Country aren't near as busy as on days like these.

A jackpot of 120 million inspires many people to drop a dollar or two at a chance. But say you did win, do you know how much you'd actually get to take home?

"Today's one of the biggest lottery's in the State of Texas, and I don't play very often but I thought if there's ever a chance to buy a ticket it's today."

And that seems to be the thought of many...

"Why not it's $120 million."

So what would you do with all that money?

"I'd give most of it to charity and probably buy my wife a car and a house."

"Build a big house and give some to the church."

At Taylor's Convenience Store, "It's been insane all day. Constant people in and out," Clerk Sarah Stone said.

Stone says most people choose the cash option, when filling out their tickets. That means, if you won the full lottery, you'd actually get about half of it with the lump sum option, then 25% of that is withheld for Federal taxes. In other words in this $120 million dollar jackpot, according to lottery officials, you'd actually take home about $45 million.

Now because we're hoping one of you wins, we did find a few tips from some previous winners. They say first thing if you win, don't tell anybody, make a copy of the ticket, and hide it. Then hire a lawyer and a financial planner. Finally get an unlisted number.

All that might sound silly, but those tips came from real people who've made the adjustment to being a multi millionaire. Good luck!

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