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Noticing Teen Depression Before It's Too Late

Fifteen months after their son, George, committed suicide, the Silvers are painfully aware of the dangers of depression. They are hoping that other families can learn from what they think now could have been some clues that their son was in trouble.

"Headaches, unable to sleep at night, everything had to do with depression and I thought it was puberty, I thought it was just growing up," says George's mother, Barb Silver.

"Being unhappy when there's no reason to be in situations where everybody's having a good time, he's not," says George's father, Mike Silver.

"He didn't really have any passion. Things that really moved him, he was very talented. He just kind of excelled at everything but didn't really enjoy any of it," says Kristen Silver, George's sister.

"Depression in adolescence doesn't always present as sadness, it can present as boredom, irritability. It's so hard to tell somebody this is what you're looking for so that's why you really have to go on that gut feeling," says Dr. Christopher Young.

Dr. Young says depression is the third leading cause of death in young people over age ten. And he says if something doesn't seem right to you about a young person in your family, find a professional who will listen to the child and work with you in providing some help. And he says when you find a professional, be honest about your family's mental health history because that also could offer some clues to what's happening in the next generation.

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