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The Tan Towel: Does It Work?

A tan in a towel? That's what this product claims. A ten pack box will cost you around $20, but Does It Work?

We tested this product using a woman who is a redhead. She has fair skin. "I burn, then I go back to white. I don't tan that easily," says Kristen Ross. She showed us how pale her legs were. Kristen works inside all day, goes home to be a mom the rest of the day. She says she does not have time for the sun.

All you do is take the towelette and rub it on the area you wish to tan, in this case, Kristen applied it to her legs. We came back after three hours to see the results. We saw tan patches on her ankles but her legs had no color to them. Kristen also rubbed her arms with the towel. Again, we could not see a big difference. The instructions even said you may need another application. So that is what Kristen did. "Just apply it again the morning, and we will re-visit you to see if that's made a difference," we said. "OK," said Kristen.

The next day, "All right, it's day two and you applied your second application this morning. Let's take a look at it. I can definitely see a difference," Coy said. "I can too," Kristen agreed.

"Do you like it?," we asked. "Yeah, I like it. I would use it in a crunch. I like the arm. The arm looks very natural," noticed Kristen.

I liked the Tan Towel, Kristen liked it too. The Tan Towel works!

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