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New Study Says Liposuction Not the Healthy Solution

If you believe liposuction is what you need for health reasons, a new study says that's not gonna happen. Liposuction is just a quick way to trim some fat, but without the health benefits of weight loss. It was a small study of 15 obese women, but researchers say the findings are big...that there is no substitute for diet an exercise.

"Unfortunately, this reinforces that it's not even necessarily how much fat you lose, but how you lose the fat is what's important and the old tried and true method of eating less and being more physically active is really the key to achieving medically successful weight loss," says study author Dr. Samuel Klein, with Washington University.

In the Washington University study, three months after surgery, there was no change in blood pressure, cholesterol, even blood sugar levels among the diabetic women in the study, even though all the women had up to 20% of the fat taken from their stomachs.

The researchers note that losing much less weight the old fashioned way is often enough to make a big difference, lowering all those risk factors for heart disease.

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