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Lubbock Democrats excited by DNC speakers


Thursday night marked the end of a whirlwind two weeks that put both parties in the political spotlight. Lubbock County Democratic Party Chair Kenny Ketner says he has been thoroughly satisfied with the way his party presented itself to the nation.

"Very high energy - the crowd looks pumped up. Looks like America out there," Ketner said.

He believes the Democratic party spread the exact message the country needs to hear right now.

"The main message of the 2012 Democratic Convention is that we're headed in the right direction. President Obama is the right leader to improve our economy and create an America where everyone has a fair shot at the American dream, " Ketner said.

Along with the masses, one of Ketner's favorite DNC moments was the 42nd president of the United States.

"I think Bill Clinton is one of the big guns of the Democratic party. He's a star. He's got two-thirds approval rating among the American people," Ketner said.

Clinton wasn't the only rabble rouser to take the podium. Ketner was happy to see one of Texas's own, San Antonio's mayor Julian Castro.

"He's really a rising star in a party. I think he's got a great future in politics, whether it's in Texas or nationally," Ketner said.

Despite the other speakers, the man of the hour, of course, was President Barack Obama. Ketner believes he needs another term to finish the job he started.

"Sure we are (better off than we were three years ago) and the only way they're able to convince people that we're not is by being dishonest," Ketner said.

Now that the 2012 conventions are a thing of the past, Ketner say it's up to the Democratic Party nationwide and here in Lubbock to keep the Obama's in the White House.

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