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Local expert says pit bulls don't deserve stereotype


Jane Brewer is the cofounder of Saving Grace Pit bull Rescue in Lubbock and she has been around pit bulls since 1990.

"I got my first one as a rescue. She was found at aerocare here in Lubbock under the helicopters. I took her home and that's where she stayed," Brewer said.

She says that pit bulls get too much bad publicity when they are involved in attacks and much of it is unwarranted.

"Pit bulls are very family-oriented, very people-friendly dogs. I grew to love them. There are many dogs who live with families across America who are great with them," Brewer said.

Many famous Americans have owned pit bulls.

"Laura Ingalls, her dog traveling across the prairie was a pit bull, Helen Keller had a pit bull, Theodore Roosevelt had a pit bull, WWI's hero dog was the pit bull - they used to be revered in our country," Brewer said.

Jane thinks that as the popularity of the breed grew, pit bulls fell into the hands of unsuitable owners. The number of attacks increased, but Brewer said that's the way it is with every dog breed.

"The number of dogs is directly correlated to the dogs involved in fatal dog attacks. Right now it's pit bulls because they are the most popular breed of dog in America. Only 1 in 600 pit bulls in America will find a home, that's how overpopulated they are," Brewer said.

She was saddened to learn that police shot and killed a pit bull at United Supermarket Saturday night and feels that a weapon should not have been used.

"I think the whole thing was an overuse of force. Many, many people break up dog fights, even pit bull fights, without using a gun. I think in this day and age with the popularity of the breed, police need to be trained how to break up a fight without using a gun," Brewer said.

"Most pit bulls who are in a fight are completely non-threatening to people around them because they are so focused on each other," she said.

Jane's organization is hosting a movie event in October where they will show "Beyond the Myth," a 90-minute movie that tells the truth about a breed of dogs that many people love.

Those who are interested in going to the screening can go to Saving Grace Pit Bull Rescue on the web or visit their Facebook page

You can find more about "Beyond the Myth" here.

Jane feels it is up to everyone to change the perception of pit bulls.

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