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Another local school district now has to pay "Robin Hood"


Lorenzo ISD is now added to the list of local school districts that have to give up a portion of its property tax money to the so-called "Robin Hood" system of school finance. Just to the average observer, Lorenzo might not look like a property-rich district, and according to the Texas School Coalition that's part of the problem with the current system.

"Somehow the myth continues that these districts are primarily made up of wealthy students and parents" said Christy Rome, Executive Director of the Texas School Coalition.

Rome also said in a written statement on Monday, "Over half of the students in revenue-contributing districts throughout the state are economically disadvantaged."

The Coalition took information from the Texas Education Agency and found 374 school districts now pay a portion of their property tax revenue to other school districts. That's an increase of 23 from the previous year.

The Coalition believes that the legislature should increase school funding rather than make more and more districts hand over money.

The list of school district that must give up a portion of local property tax revenue includes: Abernathy, Anton, Jayton-Girard, Levelland, Loop, Lorenzo, Plains, Post, Seminole, Snyder, Spur, Sudan, Sundown, Wellman-Union, and Whiteface.

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