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Booming Research at Reese

What was once a military base is now one of the most successful technology centers in the nation. As a matter of fact, Reese Technology Center is the only military base in the country to undergo such a rapid transition and become financially self sufficient.

Reese Technology Center is a vehicle for economic growth, hundreds of jobs have already been created and with the current research, not only is Reese profiting, but it's now known as a research hub around the world.

In an effort to educate leaders across the city of Lubbock, dozens gathered at Reese Technology Center Thursday for an update on its successful growth.

"We're the only Air force/Military base that completed the redevelopment in record time. Normally it takes about 25 years and we did it in three years," says Eric Williams, Executive Director of Reese Technology Center.

Williams says Reese has grown to be the 5th largest research park in the United States. "Reese is profitable and we're bringing new jobs. That's one of the main things we're working toward, as a matter of fact over the last three years 572 new jobs and over 4000 college students right here at Reese."

As a matter of fact Reese has brought nearly $27 million into this economy. Reese now has a fiber optic network and wireless system, that will allow distance education, voice over Internet protocol and uninterrupted two way live conferencing. "That's Technology that's just simply not available to cities the size of Lubbock. It's been termed as the backbone to the Internet and it really puts us into a league where we can compete with New York, California, Phoenix, Arizona, Dallas, really makes the opportunities we have not only at Reese but in Lubbock endless when it comes to economic development and creating jobs and new opportunities," said Lubbock Mayor Marc McDougal.

They are currently training more than 400 people at Reese, and expect to train another 2,000 next year. As research expands and new research begins, more companies will move to the area, creating even more opportunities.

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