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Studies show that taking fish oil may not benefit your health after all

Doctors often recommend fish oil to their patents as a supplement for a number of things.  It helps benefit the heart, digestion, skin, hair, and even the brain.   A new study in the journal of the American Medical Association suggests taking fish oil may be a waste of time.  It says a large review of research shows no overall heart benefit in taking omega 3 fatty acids, or fish oil supplements.

However, the journal points out that other prevention efforts are well documented.

Dietitian Elisabettta Politi said, "Eating healthfully, exercising is really so much more important than supplement."

Dietitians say it's the phyto-chemicals and multiple nutrients in food that make healthy food, healthy. The best way to get omega-3 fatty acids is to include in your diet oily fish like salmon and tuna, and flax seed and walnuts.

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