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Irving responds to developer lawsuit with Lubbock ties


The City of Irving responds to a civil lawsuit that has ties to Lubbock. KCBD NewsChannel 11 discovered Irving's August 28th response Tuesday in a routine check of public records.

Last month the Las Colinas Group sued Irving and accused its City Manager, Tommy Gonzalez, of sabotaging the development of an entertainment center, violating open records laws, and pressuring developers inappropriately for personal favors.

The City of Irving's response says in part, "Apparently recognizing that its case regarding the Entertainment Center lacks any legal or factual merit, LCG devotes much of its Petition to casting irrelevant, spurious, and defamatory allegations against City Manager Tommy Gonzalez."

In early August the Irving City Council chose not to renew a contract with Las Colinas for an entertainment district. Las Colinas claimed it was retaliation for not acquiescing to Gonzalez' requests for personal favors.

The lawsuit also said Gonzalez put such pressure on well-known Lubbock developer Delbert McDougal on an unrelated project in Irving. A decade ago, Gonzalez was acting City Manager and Assistant City Manager when McDougal's son, Marc, was Mayor of Lubbock. The McDougals deny the claims that Gonzalez subjected them to inappropriate pressure.

The response says that Las Colinas sued Irving - not for breach of a current contract - but instead, "because [the City] would not enter into a new agreement… Neither the law nor the Development Agreement supports the imposition of any such obligations on the City."

The response also says, "LCG's allegations regarding Mr. Gonzalez are nothing more than a smokescreen designed to distract the Court, the public, and the media from the fact that there is no substance to LCG's claims."

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