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HealthWise at 5 From 6.18

  • Deep Vein Thrombosis

New research is casting doubt on a widely held belief about deep vein thrombosis. It's long been thought women are more likely to develop DVT's because birth control pills and pregnancy both increase the risk. A new study, though, finds that men, not women, have a higher risk of repeat occurrences of the blood clots. This was found after studying more than 800 DVT patients. Men appear to be nearly four times more likely than women to have a repeat episode. Deep Venous Thrombosis describes a blood clot that forms deep in the vein, usually in the leg or thigh. Which could break lose, travel through the blood stream and become lodged in the brain, lungs or heart.

Researchers say this new study could lead to a change in prevention strategies for men at risk of the condition.

  • Double Twins

What's growing inside Geana Morris' tummy is incredible, even to the most experienced of physicians. Geana and her husband Kurt went through invitro-fertilization, where her eggs were mixed with his sperm. Then the embryos were implanted in her uterus. That's very common. But what happened next is rare. The two embryos that began to develop - split.

"The two sacs split and there were four. I was in shock. It's unbelievable. I felt very lucky that we were having two sets of identical twins," said Geana Morris, expectant mother.

Four dimensional ultrasound lets the couple actually see the faces of both sets of twins as they move around 20 weeks into this pregnancy. So, now, the Morris' are expecting twin boys and twin girls who will join their 2-year-old brother at home already. Doctors say the odds Geana would end up pregnant with two sets of identical twins is 35 million to one.

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