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Consider This...Gillispie's Future

Like most of you, I am thoroughly baffled by what's going on with Texas Tech Head Basketball Coach Billie Gillispie.

Here's what I know for sure. He is under fire by the public, his bosses, and his players for allegations that he violated practicing rules and mistreated his players.

I know he is checked into an out of state medical clinic for some sort of stress and or heart issue, and he spent six days in a local hospital for the same issues. I also know that he has yet to sit down with his boss to discuss the accusations against him. and finally, I know Texas Tech is taking it all very seriously.

Here's what I don't know for sure. Exactly how true some of these accusations are and what Athletic Director Kirby Hocutt will do about it.

I think Hocutt has done an exceptional job being open with the public. I also think he has proved himself to be very capable of making tough decisions.

Consider This:

Before we all continue to speculate, pile on, and come to conclusions, let's take a step back and let Kirby do his job.

He has enough of a challenge investigating when his coach is four states away. I have 100% faith that this Texas Tech athletic director will make the best decision.

Gillispie might be done in Lubbock. He might not be. But one thing is for sure: Texas Tech University will not only survive but will thrive either way.

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