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Food for Thought 9/13


You can feel confident dining out this weekend, as KCBD NewsChannel 11 reports only one low performer this week.

Jack in the Box at 5110 98th Street was the top performer this week with no critical violations.

Cancun Mexican Restaurant at 5605 Slide Road had 11 critical violations:

Inspectors observed the following critical violations:

insect contamination

toxic items: insect flying killer

proper cooling for cooked/prepared foods

cold hold (41 degrees Fahrenheit)

good hygienic practices

sound condition

cross-contamination of raw/cooked foods

approved systems

hand wash facilities

thermometers provided

food contact services

Cancun Manager, Christina said they hired a different cleaning service just before the inspection. She said the changes were simply "bad timing."

"We had a company we normally don't have clean our ceilings," said Christina. "The very next day, with our luck, they had a mess everywhere."

Christina said Cancun corrected all of their violations within 24 hours.

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