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Business booming for Chuy's as Lubbockites await more restaurants


Chuy's has only been open for a week and a half and already business has been crazy.

"It's been unbelievable the first week - you know Lubbock loves some Chuy's," said Wacey Estes, General Manager at Chuy's Lubbock.

"We've been packed from as soon as we open the doors to the time we close. It's been very busy," Estes said.

How busy? Hour-long waits late in the evening and lines outside the restaurant at 10:45 a.m., 15 minutes before the restaurant opens.

Estes thinks it's the restaurant's notoriety and great food that has people excited.

"We're not really a big company, but we have a cult following. We have a ton of people who know about us. Those in Lubbock who don't know about us are in for a very big treat. Everything that touches your plate is made from scratch that morning. Nothing's processed, nothing's frozen. We actually build Chuy's without freezers so all of our beef, chicken, everything comes in fresh," Estes said.

Chuy's is the first of five restaurants that will open off the South Loop.

Lubbock is also expecting BJ's Brewhouse and Restaurant which will open in the first week of October, Longhorn Steakhouse which opens at the beginning of the year, and rumors are circulating that Dallas-based barbeque restaurant Bone Daddy's House of Smoke will also be added. There will also be a fifth restaurant, which has yet to be determined, and a hotel. Estes thinks restaurants want to be here because of Lubbock's booming economy.

"The economy is on the rise here. It's been overwhelming. It's going to be unbelievable once this development is up and running. This is going to be a hotspot here in Lubbock," Estes said.

John Osborne is the President and CEO of the Lubbock Economic Development Alliance. He says right now, businesses want to come to Lubbock.

"It's a good place to be right now," Osborne said. "Not only is Texas Tech growing in their student population, but also growing with their staff and professors. The oil and gas industry has been booming not only in our area but all around the Texas Panhandle and down into the Permian Basin."

"A lot of those people are spending the night here and basing themselves out of here. There's just a lot of good economic activity taking place right now," Osborne said.

Lubbockites are spending at an all-time high and he believes there is a lot of pent up demand.

"When you have a down economy for three years there's a lot of people that just say at some point -  I need a new couch or I need a new refrigerator or I want a new car and so they go out and they buy those things. They want to feel updated, they want to feel fresh," Osborne said.

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