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Chicago man leaves hospital with an artificial heart

A 64 year old postal worker went home from a hospital in Chicago today.  He was wearing the world's only totally artificial heart.  Leroy Hanes can go home now because of a portable power supply that will keep his artificial heart beating.

Dr. Michael Bresicker, said, "It used to be that when implanted patients were tied to hospital and a huge machine, the big advance is this freedom driver to allow people to go home."

Hanes stated, "I'm not used to the noise yet, but having my wife over the noise makes it worthwhile, it doesn't matter."

Mr. Hanes had heart failure, but this totally artificial heart gives him more time to wait for a donor heart, which could take up to five years.  Now, Hanes will be able to get back to life.  That includes his passion for gardening while he waits for the call that a donor heart is available.

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