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R.C. Cheek wins Republican nomination for Sheriff's race

R.C. Cheek, image from Levellandnews.net R.C. Cheek, image from Levellandnews.net
Paul Scarborough, courtesy image Paul Scarborough, courtesy image

People in Hockley County voted for their choice of Sheriff in the Republican Primary for the third time on Tuesday.    

The results of early voting plus election day voting Tuesday evening are 1,709 for R.C. Cheek and 1,280 for Paul Scarborough. "We basically double counted them to make sure everything was done correctly, and Mr. Cheek turned out the winner," James Palomo, Cheek's attorney said.

After three elections many in Hockley County are relieved to finally have a clear winner for the Republican spot.

A runoff election resulted in a one vote difference between Scarborough and Cheek.  Cheek won by one vote in the first count and then lost by one vote in the recount.  Cheek filed a lawsuit claiming, among other things, that voting locations were consolidated in areas where he was the favored candidate. 

Earlier this month State District Judge Ruben Reyes ordered a brand new election and he also ordered that the polling locations consolidated during the run-off election be re-opened for this new election.

Hockley County Republican Chair Pat Cowan said that voter turnout had been slow, but that a little more than 1,900 people voted early last week. That's well over half the number of people who voted in the July 31st runoff election.

As a stipulation made by Judge Reyes, the ballots will be hand counted Tuesday night with both Cheek and Scarborough's attorneys present.

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