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Portion of Gillispie 911 audio released


Lubbock police have released a portion of the 911 audio from Billy Gillispie's two calls for help.  Gillispie placed 911 calls on August 31 and September 10 respectively.  He spent several days hospitalized in University Medical Center and according to ESPN he spent time at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.  His condition is related to stress and high blood pressure.

Police only released one call and due to medical privacy edited out the portion in which Gillispie describes his condition.  He can be heard on the 911 audio gasping for breath. 

Gillispie's medical condition is not his only concern.  He has been removed from day-to-day operations as Head Men's Basketball Coach at Texas Tech amid allegations of mistreating an injured player and violating NCAA rules on the limits for practice time. 

Texas Tech says an investigation is ongoing and Gillispie's first 911 call was placed before Tech officials could talk to him about the investigation.  Gillispie is on medical leave, and Associate Head Coach, Chris Walker, is handling day-to-day operations.

A transcript of the 911 audio is copied below:

911 Operator: 911
Gillispie: xxxx Vicksburg
911: Operator: Stay on the line for the ambulance, okay.
Gillispie: (gasps)
911 Operator: Don't hang up.
(Sound of dialing, more gasping)
EMS Operator: EMS.  What's the address of the emergency?
Gillispie: xxxx Vicksburg.
EMS Operator: Okay, is this a house?
Gillispie: Yes.
EMS Operator: Okay.  Tell me exactly what happened.

The remainder of the call is edited out by Lubbock Police.  KCBD.com removed Gillispie's address.  Check back later for a link to the actual audio of the 911 call.

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