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Fans react to Gillispie's resignation

Billy Gillispie Billy Gillispie

It was around 5:30 p.m. when word came from Texas Tech that head basketball coach Billy Gillispie had resigned due to health concerns. It came after multiple trips to the hospital, allegations of player mistreatment and intense speculation that TTU athletic director Kirby Hocutt would fire him.

In a Texas Tech press release Hocutt was quoted as saying, "Billy has decided to focus on his health and we wish him a full recovery," Hocutt said Thursday in a statement. "We are proud of the young men that he has brought to this campus. Billy's decision allows him to concentrate on his well-being and allows us to turn our attention to preparations for the upcoming season."

But what do fans think of this? From what we found, it seems very mixed.

"He just needs to get better and figure out his personal life," said Michael Mclane, a student at Texas Tech. "I really think it's a good decision for him personally because he's going through a lot right now. The season hasn't started yet so they still have time to get a new coach and learn the new plays so they have to do that, but it kind of stinks to players who were close to Mr. Gillispie."    

Red Raider fan Sam Deanda agrees with Michael.: "I think it's best. He probably needs a fresh start. He's a good guy. He's a good coach. It's just things happen to the best of us."

Tech Student Carolyn Heck find the whole situation a little strange.

"I just thought it was a little weird how he got in trouble with the whole allegations with his basketball players and then suddenly he has these high blood pressure problems and high stress problems and he's running off to the hospital. I think maybe he was faking it to just get out of the public eye."

Tech will now begin it's search for a new coach and Gillispie will try and recover to full health.

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