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Lubbock turning out for the Fair


The Panhandle South Plains Fair has just begun, but crowds are already filling the grounds in search of new foods and attractions.

"We look forward to this every year," said David Mead, a corn dog vendor at the fair. "One of our biggest fundraiser's and it's great. We have a good crowd and everything's starting out really good this year."

This year his newest food item has proven to be irresistible to guests.

"We have a jalapeno and cheddar corn dog and we've had some very long lines. It's been very good. As fast as we can cook them they've been going out in the evening. It's just been a good year so far."

Herb Higgs is the General Manager of the South Plains Fair and he says business is going very well at the moment.

"Well, things have been very, very good.  Thursday night we had our little preview night kick off - the food concessions were open, the carnival was open. I can tell you that the carnival business was up probably about 15 percent over last year's opening night, which was good."

When he is around town picking up last minute supplies for the fair, he says that what show they are going to see or food they will eat once they get to the fair is what most people talk to him about once they see fair insignia on his shirt.

Kyla Howell is a mother with two grown daughters, and for her it's just fun to come an reminisce.

"I'm glad to be here with my two girls, because this is the first time we've been here together since they were at my knees so this is a special event."

The fair is open until next Saturday, so there is still plenty of time to get out and enjoy yourself.

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