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Property Appraisal Protest Deadline Nears

For most Lubbock property owners, the deadline to protest their property value appraisal is this Thursday June 24th. More than 75,000 appraisals were sent out last month, and that has led to thousands of phone calls and questions for the appraisal district.

Chief Appraiser, Dave Kimbrough, says, "To date, we've had something over 2,000 protests filed; people who will be scheduled for hearings with the review board." Add to that something in the neighborhood of 6,000 people who've had questions for the Central Appraisal District, and that makes for a busy month. "That's what happens this time of year when we mail the notices and the market we've had these past 3 years with appreciating values. People certainly are going to have questions and we're going to have instances where we've made mistakes," says Kimbrough.

Homeowners, John Cory and C.L. Lewis are just two of thousands who are dissatisfied with their property valuations. They decided to protest. Cory says, "I pulled up three properties that were sold since the first of the year and the rate they're taxing me at is higher than the rate the three were sold at this year and I also found three properties on my block that they're taxing way less than where I'm at." Lewis says, "It jumped up in the last two years by 15% and you can't sell something for what they've appraised it for."

Last year, Kimbrough faced harsh criticism from city council after an average increase of more than 7% in property values. With an average increase of more than 8% this year, he's likely to face more of the same."That's part of the job too. They (city council) are part of the taxing entities that set tax rates and certainly are a part of this process and I'm glad to do it," said Kimbrough.

Kimbrough is scheduled to go before council members during a June 29th city council meeting.

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