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Consider This...Good idea from the Governor

If you are one of the many parents wondering how in the world you are going to send your kids to college, there is good news and bad news this week.

The bad news is a recent study of Texas tuition rates shows the average college student is paying 55% more than they were back in 2003.  That's the year lawmakers deregulated tuition, allowing universities to set their own rates.

The good news is Texas Governor Rick Perry is publicly supporting changes that could slow down that runaway train.

Just last week, Perry said he wants to see tuition rates frozen for incoming freshman, allowing them to pay the same rate all four years of college.

Great idea. And an effort toward that end could come when lawmakers return to Austin in January and we will be watching.

Consider this:

To get this done is going to take tremendous courage on behalf of our elected officials. They are going to face big pressure from big money donors and university officials.

I hope our state senator and house representatives get a chance to vote on this, and I hope they do the right thing and see it through.

And I hope our own Texas Tech chancellor and the board of regents will also get behind this. It's the right thing to do.

Simply put, the key to our future is our children's education. And we can't educate them if they can't afford to go to college.

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