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Lubbock family finds closure, accused murderer executed

After waiting 11 years for justice, a Lubbock family says they can now begin to heal after the man accused of their daughter's murder was executed Tuesday evening. Shortly before 7p.m. 48-year-old Cleve Foster was taken to the death chamber in Huntsville, TX and executed after the Supreme Court refused to stop his execution for a fourth time.

Terry and Pam Urnosky once again left Lubbock and traveled to Huntsville to face Foster who is accused of murdering their 22-year-old daughter Rachel back in 2001. The Texas Tech graduate was found shot to death inside her Fort Worth home.

"I think the worst pain any parent can feel is the death of a child. Unfortunately we've had to relive that death for the last 11 years," Terry said. "It's just been agony."

Rachel never got her day in court. Foster had been convicted and sentenced to death for murdering 30-year-old Mary Pal just two months after Rachel's body was found in her home.

Since the 2004 conviction Terry and Pam have been waiting for justice. Not being able to escape the nightmare of losing their daughter, it became worse as Foster continued to escape death. From the beginning Foster claimed he was innocent, and his attorney's appealed constantly.

Three times last year in January, April and September the Supreme Court stopped his execution just hours before he was set to die. "We were trying not to get our hopes up for closure, although that was very hard to do because we believe in justice, and we knew sooner or later it would be served," Terry said about Tuesday's scheduled execution. "The apprehension, the anxiety… it was just unbearable."

As they waited, and the hours crawled by, Terry and Pam received the news that Foster would in fact finally be executed. "You know the words are just escaping me. It's been a very, very emotional time as you can expect," Terry said just hours after watching the execution. "I think it's a tremendous sigh of relief. This nightmare will soon be over."

Terry says he and his family can now move forward and slowly begin to close this horrible chapter in their lives. "Every one of those stays of execution has been like ripping off a scab of a deep wound… never being able to heal. Finally we have some closure, and the wound is now able to heal," Terry said. "Her sisters, our grandchildren, my wife and I are going to take the next step. We have chosen to overcome this evil with good, and that's how we're choosing to live the rest of our lives."

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