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Fair food helps fund New Deal Volunteer Fire Department

New Deal Fire Chief Randy Teeter New Deal Fire Chief Randy Teeter

The New Deal Volunteer Fire Department slaves away in the kitchen at the Panhandle South Plains Fair to help fund their new facility, as well as support a great cause.

Fire Chief Randy Teeter, along with other dedicated members of the Department are doing what they can in the kitchen, to make sure their much needed expansion back home will finally become a reality this year.

"The way we look at it is we are kind of short on taking care of things out there, but what we sacrifice for 10 days to make the other 355 better," said Teeter.

Just about 12 miles north of Lubbock, the volunteer firefighters are in the process of getting their new facility up and running as their demand continues to grow.  In addition to serving more people, the New Deal Fire Department has also taken over Emergency Medical Services.  The ambulances will also be housed in the new building.

However, not all of the money raised from the food they serve at the fair will fund their new home. The brotherhood of about 25 firefighters will donate 10% of their proceeds Saturday to the Susan G. Komen foundation. 

"Unfortunately, this past year as a matter of fact, it's hit home for some of our Firefighters family members and so it's kind of special to us now," said Teeter.

To support two great causes, they recommend the nachos and delicious carne asada. 

But meat is not their only specialty. 

"John Robison loves our Paramedic Delight."

Everything is made fresh daily, down to frying their own shells.  They encourage everyone come out and enjoy a special fiesta at the fair this year, especially on Saturday.

"We'll all be wearing our pink shirts and one of our guys has his beard dyed pink."

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