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The One Sweep Broom: Does It Work?

It's a broom that works unlike any other, at least that's what the makers claim. The One Sweep can move dirt from wood, squeegee tile and remove pet hair from carpet. It costs under 20 bucks, but Does It Work?

The One Sweep has rubber bristles and it was easy to assemble. We'll begin this test on tile flooring. The tile floor had not been mopped in a long time. The bristles on the One Sweep acts like a scrub brush to wash away the grime. Then you just squeegee the soapy water. I used a paper towel to remove the excess and checked with a white towel to see how well the One Sweep did its job. The towel test came out clean!

Wooden floors always have hidden dirt and dog hair that you can't see until you take a broom to it. Let's see what we can do with the One Sweep Broom. The directions say you pull it toward you and not away. After some time of sweeping, a lot of dirt was pulled together into one pile! Again, the white towel came up clean.

Now for the pet hair on the carpet. It only took seconds to see how well the One Sweep was doing its job. There was definitely a difference!

The One Sweep did not only sweep the dirt and all the pet hair away, it swept me off my feet! I like it, The One Sweep works!

Now, I have to say I was not able to pick up the pet hair from the carpet in just One Sweep. It actually took me several sweeps. But I still found the One Sweep pretty effective and easy to use. You can get yours at Walgreens or Linen's and Things.

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