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Consider This...Ban handheld cell phones


Studies have proven that one of the most dangerous things you can do in a car is text on your phone.

Many states and cities are recognizing that deadly reality and doing something about it. Just last week, the City of Amarillo passed a law banning drivers from using handheld cellphones.

Lubbock mayor Glen Robertson has also predicted that some form of ban could be considered soon.

Consider this:

Public safety is the number one service the city provides with tax dollars. I think an all-out ban on cell phones while driving is overdue.

I commend the mayor for taking a look at the issue, but we can't move fast enough. Statistics show over 300 people die every day from texting and driving. And you are six times more likely to crash while texting than while intoxicated.

That's sobering! It's time our city leaders take matters into their own hands to protect the citizens. No drivers using handheld cell phones in the car. Period.  

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