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Tree trimmers cleaning up after the storm


Many people on the northwest side of Lubbock woke up to tree limbs in their front yard, or in some cases whole trees that had been uprooted after last night's storm. Winds whipped so hard that at Lubbock Christian University that students' car windows were blown out and the centerfield part of the fence at Hays Field looks like it has been hit with a wrecking ball.

Today cleaning crews came to life as they tried to make it look as if the storm never happened.

"We've seen a lot of trees. We've already had two of them blow over this morning and we got a bunch of hangers that we came over and got here," said Damon Bara.

Damon is a foreman for Big Timber Tree Service and they have been extremely busy since the storm hit.

"We've already got another job that we're going to so there's a lot of cleanup that's going on. We're going to be full up I know that."

Primarily in West Lubbock, trees had been blown over, falling across front yards and in some cases on top of cars. Other houses had branches blown all over and Damon said the extremes in weather are to blame for all the damage.

"With the drought we've been having and then the heat, it stressed out a lot of trees, then when you got the wind coming in they're easy pickings. They'll fall right over."

He adds that there are measures that people can take to prevent tree damage in the future.

"Preventative maintenance helps a lot, you know. You don't want to wait until it already breaks .... Have someone come in and shorten the branches up. Have someone that knows what they're doing come in and have a look at it."

As for how many times a year it needs to be done, Damon says it varies from tree to tree, but one thing that is certain is Big Timber Tree Service will be in overdrive for the next few days.

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