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Music festival, fair organizers say the show will go on


Bad weather forced fair and music festival organizers to reschedule and regroup on Wednesday, but now they say they are prepared for all weather conditions.

Don Caldwell of Caldwell Entertainment says, barring a massive downpour, the Lubbock Music Festival will remain outside.

"If it's a little bit of drizzle - a little bit wet - then everything's going to be fine. We'll get out and have a party for sure," Caldwell said.

Weather is a problem for the music festival because there is no backup venue for the band to play in if it's too wet outside.

But Don's not worried about this week.

"I believe everything's going to be fine and the most we're going to have is a little drizzle and really that kind of makes it more fun," he said.

Don says umbrellas will be allowed this year and getting to the concert will be easy no matter how far away you park.

"All around the district there's parking and basically the Depot District will be closed in to traffic and you can park all around the area. There's also a bus route that works very methodically through the parking lots and around so it should be pretty easy to catch a ride down here if you park a little ways away," Caldwell said.

Herb Higgs is the manager of the South Plains Fair. He says even with rain the show must go on.

"I learned a long time ago that it's something I can't do anything about - all I can do is deal with it. We had a good crowd on the grounds last night there was a lot of people eating food so I'm hoping that continues tonight and tomorrow," Higgs said.

He said even if it does rain Saturday, there are plenty of activities that people can take part in.

"There's plenty of hot coffee out here. We've got some good not for profits that will warm you up with some cocoa and that sort of thing," Higgs said.

The carnival rides will remain open unless there is heavy rain or severe winds, but sometimes Herb wishes he could control the weather.

"I would say why rain on my parade but obviously I can't control Mother Nature. It's just a hazard of the business; it goes with the territory. In 35 years what I've learned is pay attention to the weather always for the safety of the people but don't fight the weather because the weather will always win," Higgs said.

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