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Food for Thought Report 6.24

From fast food, to pizza, to an oriental grocery store, health inspectors dealt three strike outs to food establishments this week. While they were sent back to the dugout, our only Food for Thought top performer rounded the bases. If you're a Home Plate Diner fan, here's something to cheer about: the Home Plate at 5812 34th Street had a perfect inspection this month with no critical violations.

Food for Thought 6.24
Here is a complete list of the restaurants and their violations for the week ending on 6/24/04.

At the ball game, it's three strikes and your out and health inspectors dealt this week's first strike to the Burger King at 2002 50th Street. Burger King had four critical violations:

  • Canadian bacon was found at 53 degrees, 8 degrees above the required temperature of 45
  • A product that was not in its original container was not properly labeled
  • A toxic cleaner was improperly stored on a food contact service
  • Thermometers were not provided for cooling units

Other violations include: heavily soiled ceiling tiles and ice machines, plus a heavily soiled vent hood. All critical violations were corrected on site.

Strike two this week... Pinocchio's pizza at 5015 University. Pinocchio's had six critical violations at the time of their last inspection:

  • Unapproved drinking containers were found in the front and back areas of the restaurant
  • Uncovered products in the walk-in cooler created potential for cross-contamination
  • Lasagna and ready to eat food items were not properly date-marked
  • Thermometers were not properly calibrated
  • Knives, containers and dish racks were found soiled
  • A sign warning not to re-use buffet plates was not posted

Other violations include: soiled walls, floors and ceilings and hair restraints were needed for long hair. NewsChannel 11 spoke with the manager of Pinocchio's. He said all violations have been corrected and kept up with since the time of inspection.

Strike three comes after a whopping eight critical violations for the Oriental Market at 4220 50th Street:

  • Crab and other meats were found held at room temperature instead of the required 45 degrees
  • A product not in its original container was not properly labeled
  • Fruits and vegetables were found spoiled
  • Beef and pork products were bleeding onto fish products in freezers, causing cross-contamination
  • Potentially hazardous foods were not properly date-marked
  • There was no hand washing sink in the food prep area
  • A container of toxic bug-killer was found on the food prep surface
  • A sink, a microwave, a saran wrap machine and freezer units were all heavily soiled.

Other violations include heavily soiled floors, cooling units, walls, and ceilings. Management for the oriental market could not be reached for comment.

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