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Town Hall Meeting Held to Revitalize Lubbock Neighborhoods

Lubbock city officials want to get serious about making Lubbock a better place to live. Enough to hold a town hall meeting, enough to spend $75,000 on Gould Evans, a consulting firm out of San Antonio, to help the city achieve those goals.

The target: the core neighborhoods of Lubbock. These are places were homes and neighborhoods are a lot older.

About 160 people showed up for the town hall meeting and one by one some of those who attended were heard. "I think we need restrooms facilities at parks and water fountains," said one resident. "We'd like to see more patrol," said another. "There's junk everywhere and commercial vehicles parked," said another woman who spoke. "It would be nice if we had a nice walking track at our parks, nice facilities, someplace where my children can feel safe," said a woman who lives in the Monterey Neighborhood.

Others who attended complained about neighbors parking in yards, not enough sidewalks for pedestrian safety, and street lines that fade and are not maintained.

However, one citizen who showed for the town hall meeting says she's been fighting for five years to have "Children at Play" signs posted in her neighborhood and she says nothing has been done about it. "Do you have any faith out of this Town Hall meeting?" asked NewsChannel 11. "No," she answered.

"I think the council has shown they're very serious about this and do what it takes to improve quality of life in the community," said Rob Allison, Business and Neighborhood Development Manager for the city.

Gould Evans consultants will take the direct community input and compose a master plan that will be presented to the city council in September.

Gould Evans is the same firm in charge of the North and East Lubbock development project.

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