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The Last Leg of the District Two City Council Race

We have two extremely different stories about candidates running on their last leg to win this race. One, a personal struggle. The other, a waiting game.

T.J. Patterson can not walk the campaign trail, or knock on doors. But he does have the ability to learn again. "I couldn't even walk in May, I couldn't even walk," said Patterson.

He's got a personal race to win of his own, a recovery from neck surgery that made him lose his ability to walk. "I can walk better now," said Patterson.

He has been Lubbock District Two councilman for more than 20 years and he wants to serve again. But these days, his health is on the top of his list.

District 2 Run-Off Election Locations
Lubbock voters in District 2 will head to the polls this Saturday to decide the winner of the run-off

Floyd Price hit the pavement on Friday. It's no campaign trail either. "The campaign is going to take care of itself," said Price. A race that has become a waiting game. "We have time for that but I'm taking a break to do something for the citizens," said Price.

"I'm Floyd Price, with Meals On Wheels and I'm here to deliver your lunch today," he said with a lunch bag in his hand delivering to a woman in East Lubbock.

Two men who want your vote. TJ Patterson who can stand on two feet again. "My physical conditions don't affect my mental health," said Patterson to the voters.

And Floyd Price who can stand up to the challenge of an incumbent, "This race is important and the people need to know their vote will determine who's going to be their representative for the next four years," said Price.

Polls open up Saturday morning at 7 a.m. and close at 7 p.m.

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