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Parents Celebrate Missing Daughter's 17th Birthday

"Yesterday and today's been pretty rough," said Joe Rogers. For the past 16 years June 25th has been a day of celebration at the Rogers household. This year is different.

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"Today's Joanna's 17th birthday," said her mother, Kathy Rogers.

Smiling on the outside, laughing when they can, Joe and Kathy Rogers will plant a rosebush for their daughter. A yearly tradition, but with half the zeal. "We'll save the celebration 'till she comes home," she said.

In a corner of the backyard, there stands Joanna's playhouse, built when she was seven. Embraced in honeysuckle, the floor covered in a carpet of vines. It's been seven weeks since Joanna's disappearance, and the push to find her has put her face on billboards. has received 12,000 hits. Calls have come from as far away as California and Canada. When the phone rings, "You grab it immediately," said Joe.

While her parents remain hopeful, they have also released a flyer acknowledging what could be the worst. "We want her back irregardless," said Joe. On the new flyer; "If people have noticed any odors or unusual animal activity," it reads.

"That's acknowledging potentially the worst," said NewsChannel 11.

"Yes, it is. Its hard to look at but we're going to go every way," said Joe.

The Rogers family is torn between hope and despair. During our interview a delivery of flowers came from friends. A 'Happy Birthday' to Joanna. "So, everybody's remembering her today and, its kinda tough. But uh, we'll have that big party, we'll have that big birthday party," said her mother.

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