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Will cooler weather chill West Nile outbreak?


Do cooler temperatures mean that we're done with the risk of West Nile virus for the year?  The forecast for Lubbock this coming weekend includes lows in the upper 30s - not freezing, but not exactly comfortable for mosquitoes. West Nile is not spread directly from person to person but instead is carried by the little bloodsuckers.

"If it gets chilly, it will reduce the number of mosquitoes," said Becky Brawley, Public Health Coordinator for the City of Lubbock. "But we'll just have to wait and see what happens."

Brawley makes note of the forecast, which has temperatures rebounding after a chilly weekend.  "Mosquitoes will still be around," she said.

Could recent widespread rain also be a factor?

"We always anticipate it, but we really can't predict it," said Brawley. "We've had no new cases reported this week."

The City of Lubbock reports 8 cases so far this year. The Texas Department of State Health Services says if both Lubbock and Lubbock County are added together, the grand total is 13, with none of the local cases turning fatal.  However, DSHS says 71 cases of West Nile statewide have turned fatal. This is worst year ever for West Nile in Texas.

Around the region, here is breakdown of West Nile cases by county:

  • Bailey 1
  • Crosby 2
  • Dawson 1
  • Dickens 1
  • Hale 2
  • Lubbock 13
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