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Lubbock drivers encouraged to be more aware of motorcycles


There were two terrible motorcycle accidents within seven hours of each other Wednesday night in Lubbock. One person was killed while another was transferred to the hospital with what police called life-threatening injuries. In light of those, motorcycle awareness group See Us Save Us is encouraging people in the Hub City to be more cautious.

"Look out for them. Motorcycles are still everywhere even though it's still cool weather. Gas prices are up and it's a little more economical to ride a motorcycle than to drive a car," said Molly Harris, a committee member for See Us Save Us.

"For riders themselves, you know they are more aware of you then you are of them. They have to look out for cars because you're most of the time not looking out for them."

Molly herself enjoys riding motorcycles and says the there is no better feeling than the wind hitting your face. She lives by the same motto that according to her all motorcycle riders live by, and the feels car drivers need to live by it as well.

"Look twice and save a life."

She says that motorcycle riders have a heightened sense of what's going on around them, but no matter how safe they may be, they are still at the mercy of other drivers.

"Anyone I've ever ridden with is 24/7 on alert. We're always looking around trying to make sure that we've got every corner covered so that we don't get hit or somebody doesn't pull out in front of us either way," she said.

Those who are interested in helping or promoting motorcycle awareness can help Molly and See Us Save Us.

"We have a web site -  - or on Facebook as well, you can catch up with us there. There's another web site it's called Bikers Crossing Paths. It's kind of a conjunction thing with us. We do a lot of prayers for people who have been injured."

We also spoke with Sgt. Hook of the Lubbock Police Department and he said that LPD strongly encourages motorcycle riders to wear helmets. It not only improves their safety but also increases their chance of survival after a serious wreck.

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